Flashback Review 1965: Tom and Jerry

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October 21, 2012
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In the year 1940, (yes, I know what year im doing) one of the most famous, hilarious, and classic cartoons was created. That’s right…I’m talking about Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse, frick and frack, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. This was one of the first cartoon frenemy relationships to be discovered on television.

Tom and Jerry was created in the 1940. It was played on television for about three years as a speechless cartooon. It was a silent cartoon only with reactions and emotional faces. It wasn’t until the year 1965 that Tom and Jerry became very popular. Tom and Jerry is what’s called a theatrical animated cartoon. The show was like watching a play in the 1940s except it wasn’t in black and white. In the year 1967, the show aired it’s  last episode for the next 20 plus years. In the 1980s the show was re-aired and the show has been on Tv ever since.

The main characters are Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. Tom is an average American house cat with the misseion of catching and eating a mouse for dinner. Jerry is an average mouse that lives off of the scaps of the humans in the home and avoids the cat as much as possible. Tom has been trying to capture Jerry for many years. When we first met them, Jerry was not feeling the whole “being killed and cooked for dinner” situation, so he used his quick wit to fool Tom. Every episode was a whole new scheme to capture Jerry, but in the end Jerry always won the battle. Another main character of the show is Spyke, and everyday American Dog. When he first enters the series, he is after both Tom and Jerry. Throughout the series you realize that he has a soft spot for mice. Spyke helps Jerry whenever he sees Tom chasing Jerry. Throughout the series you see Tom, Jerry, and Spyke forming a love/hate relationship. You see them overcoming battles with other characters and sometimes just coming together at the end of an episode and enjoying each others company. It seemed to be predictable show. What made you continue to watch it was the fact that the show wasn’t predictale at all. You never knew what was going to happen next and you were never tired of the schemes that were to come.

Tom and Jeery has been on television for over 72 years and loved from day one by youths of all ages. Tom and Jerry movies were created, as well as posters and soundtracks of the background music that was played in the episodes. Every day to this day, old episodes are played on Cartoon Network and Channel 17 on Saturdays. The never-ending rivalry between Tom and Jerry will live on to be a classic that will on for generations to come.

Rate: 8.5 out 10 stars




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